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"Glen Martin"
Apr 5 2016, 4:34 PM
 I have a capture of the error called out on the mouse-over when it fails the download. If that will be helpful, where can I send to reach you?
Apr 5 2016, 6:43 AM
 Yeah you need to get the latest BETA version as mentioned below and on the Satellite Restriction Tracker page.
Apr 5 2016, 5:55 AM
 Version 1.3.4 Exede
Apr 4 2016, 11:15 PM
 Which version are you using and which Provider do you get internet through?
Apr 4 2016, 7:55 PM
 All of a sudden my Satellite tracker does not work. I have unistalled and re-installed several times. It hasn't updated for months now.
Apr 3 2016, 10:52 PM
 It is now working, and I done what you said...just wanted you to know and that you're doing a good job of keeping up with the faults.
Apr 3 2016, 2:21 PM
 Thank you! With the latest beta, it seems to be working.
Apr 3 2016, 2:18 PM
 Yeah, I pushed up a new BETA ( to resolve the other issue. I hope, anyway.

 For anyone that needs it, once again, the BETA link is <>
Apr 3 2016, 1:18 PM
 Working now that Exede site is working.
Apr 3 2016, 12:31 PM
 Not again... Thanks for letting me know about the crash. I should have held back a day on the release, I suppose, but I didn't anticipate this downtime.
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